Franchise Info


A franchise with William John’s Pizza Group comes with an immediate advantage of working with a well-established setup. It also has several projects in the continuation. Any initial expenditure/investment in a franchise will have a solid base. Its credibility minimizes any potential risk of failure. A tie-up with the William John’s Pizza Group immediately gives access to a wealth of knowledge and experience that can be used for growth, expansion and smooth operation of the franchise. The Group offers its franchises, defined, proven business format, a method of operation & control, along with know-how on product/ service/ marketing. We also provide management assistance, including accounting procedures, personnel and facility management, merchandising & promotion among other details. The William John’s Pizza Group thus gives its franchises a unique advantage to explore business opportunities with expert assistance and to maximize business performances


The William John’s Pizza Group practices a uniform system of operation so that consumers receive excellent quality of product with utmost efficiency. The establishment of the group was based on the inherent desire to give customers an authentic Pizza specialty restaurant. The William John’s Pizza Group has become synonymous with professionalism, expertise, teamwork, consumer orientation, and potentiality. Our reputation precedes us and we work very hard to stay true to our name. We are stringent on quality control and adhere to critical parameters. Today, the path William John’s Pizza family is an ever-growing bond-of-trust.


  • Opportunity to become a part of a large and well established, time-tested business.
  • Business risks are minimal.
  • Advantage of the William John’s Pizza goodwill in domestic market.
  • Availability of readymade technology and operating system thereby saving on the need to develop one’s own technology, systems and procedures.
  • Training in conduct of business as well as of manpower and continuous training support.
  • Research and development support of our organization.
  • Training in conduct of business as well as of manpower and continuous training support.


  • Assistance in site selection and feasibility study.
  • Restaurant and kitchen layout support.
  • Equipment selection and placements.
  • Vendor support during project stage.
  • Unique installer team placed at the outlet at the time of opening to minimize initial operational issues.
  • Unique software placement with food control backup from H.O.
  • Provision of products / raw material from an export oriented production unit to maintain uniformity of taste. Providing a standard recipe.
  • Selection of staff and training at our Head Office and Kitchen in Ahmedabad.
  • Operating procedures and guidelines on how to handle the business efficiently.
  • Identity & Brand design.
  • Monthly check up on Standard Recipe and Standard Portion Size by an audit team.
  • Publicity and initial market presence advertisement.
  • Assistance by dedicated team to each franchisee to ensure quality, operational and cost related support when needed.
  • Periodic visit by our qualified and highly experienced restaurant experts to upgrade/ maintain/ improve business standards.


Franchise Partner Profile

  • A zest for food business and innovative performance in the market.
  • A proven track record of business ownership that can complement our brand image.
  • Adequate local knowledge and expertise in the areas of consumer preference..
  • Access to required capital.

Location Profile

  • Minimum 1400 to 2500 sq. ft. of carpet area in a prime location.
  • Ground floor space preferred with a frontage of minimum 40 ft.
  • First floor space is also workable provided a direct entry with minimum 5ft. width from the ground floor is available.
  • Ample parking space provision is required. Valet provision could also be made.
  • Prime location with high footfall. Prominent visibility of the space is important.
  • Preferably owned space but rented space can also be considered.
  • If the location is in a prime and a happening mall of the city even then the prominence of the space within the mall is important.


  • Requirement of capital in starting of restaurant over and above the cost of the property or deposits for rentals would be as follows:

For india

  • Metro Cities: Ranges from Rs. 50 to 55 lac.
  • A Tier Cities: Ranges from Rs. 45 to 50 lac.
  • B Tier Cities: Ranges from Rs. 30 to 40 lac.